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Reverend Betsy Stang

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Reverend Betsy Stang, M.A., is the Founder and Executive Director of The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources in Woodstock, NY. She is an interfaith Minister, counselor, and Earth Activist. She is the Presiding minister and Founder of the Center for The Living Earth, and directs the Center's Interfaith Seminary program.

  Betsy Co- Founded The Earth Reunion Project in 1990 which works with traditional wisdom keepers of Earth traditions from around the world. In 1993, she co-produced The Cry of the Earth: The Legacy of the First Nations Conference at the United Nations, where the tradition keepers of seven indigenous nations of North America presented their ancient prophecies to the United Nations for the first time in history.

 From 1993-2001 The Wittenberg Center co-sponsored Mending the Hoop of All Nations: With One Voice, One Heart, One Mind, One Prayer in Washington D.C.

 Betsy has been the Wittenberg Center's chief representative in its role as a non-government organization at the U.N., and co-founded the Earthkeepers working group which has helped to bring the voice of grassroots Earth based and indigenous representatives to UN conferences such as the Women's Summit, the World Summit on Social Development and the Commission on Sustainable Development.

 Over the past decades, Betsy has produced The Wittenberg Center's video archive project which has documented, preserved and distributed hundreds of hours of archival video material on environmental and indigenous concerns and issues. Betsy's background includes many years of photographic, film and video production and teaching. Her photographic work is included in numerous private and museum collections and her film credits include the Peabody award winning film on Charles Ives, A Good Dissonance Like A Man.

 Today, Betsy is continuing to explore how we can all join together with our gifts and talents to co-create new paradigms for coming together with one heart, one mind, one voice to create a sustainable, joyous future on this Earth for all our relations.



with one heart one voice one prayer
photo by Ilfra Halley

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May peace prevail on Earth. May it begin with me.
We are the prayers we wish to see.