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James Davis

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Reverend James C Davis, Environmental Director

Reverend James C Davis is an Interfaith Minister, teacher, Earth Activist and visionary. He is the Environmental Director of the Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources in Woodstock, NY. and a co-founder of the Earth Reunion Project which works with traditional wisdom keepers of Earth traditions from around the world. For the past 30 years Jim has pursued mastery of the wisdom of the Earth and of the earth-based traditions. His primary focus has been the Hudson Valley and the Catskill watershed bio-regions, yet he has travelled extensively to explore the shamanic teachings of many traditions and was adopted as an Elder by the Yuin Nation of Australia.

Over the past several years, Jim, has been the Associate Producer and Director of Video Projects: Wisdom of the Elders Series.  The Wittenberg Center's video archive project has documented, preserved and distributed hundreds of hours of archival video material on environmental and indigenous concerns and issues.

Jim was the design engineer and supervised the construction of The Wittenberg Center's Interfaith World Peace Chamber. One of forty chambers around the world, it was hand built with crystals and stones from sacred sites around the world.

In 1990, Jim became the Environmental Director for the Wittenberg Center and became the liaison with environmental groups both in the region and nationally. From 1992 -2000, he served as a member of the Woodstock Environmental Commission, and was At Large Director, New York State Association of Conservation Commissions.

Jim's background has brought him experience and wisdom in many fields . He brings his wide background in nature lore, ethnographic studies, organic farming, environmental science, engineering, surveying and cross-cultural shamanic studies to his teaching and lectures. A father, he has been primarily responsible for the youth internship programs at the Center. He has the rare ability to integrate a deep knowledge of the natural world with cutting edge conceptual thought and advanced technology.


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