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The Wittenberg Center has been producing videotapes on indigenous, environmental, human rights and social justice issues for over a decade. We have compiled several hundred hours of archival footage. This is a partial listing only. All profits go toward the work of EARTH REUNION to continue the work of disseminating information on indigenous and environmental issues that does not often reach the mainstream media. School, community and grassroots organizations should inquire regarding screening and presentations regarding this material. Please note: this material is for educational use only and no rights can be conveyed without prior approval.

Individual tapes are $35 which includes domestic mailing at tape rate, two tape sets are $50. Inquire for cost of sets or large orders. All rights are reserved by The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources. Unless noted all videotapes were produced by The Wittenberg Center, Betsy Stang, Executive Producer, James C Davis, Director of Cinematography.

Teachings of the Elders

TE1 - Grandmother Carolyn Tawangyama, the distinguished Hopi elder, shares the Hopi Prophecies at the Wittenberg Center. 1989.

TE2 - Grandmother Carolyn/ Thundercloud/

O'Shinnah Teachings of the Earth. Teachings on the Earth as an integrated Being. (Fund raiser at the Wittenberg Center to send Grandmother

Carolyn to Moscow with 'Grandmothers For World Peace' 5/24/89.) *

TE3 - Charlie Thom / Ken Littlefish in the World Peace Chamber Native perspectives on respecting and healing Mother Earth by two extraordinary Wisdomkeepers. 10/10/88.**

Video tapes with Beautiful Painted Arrow-

Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael) is a Native American shaman of the Southern Ute and Picuris tribes. Joseph has spent his lifetime studying the healing properties of the sounds found in his native language (Tiwa).Painted Arrow's visions have led to the establishment of a world-wide series of Sacred Sound Chambers for Peace.

TE4 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael: speaks about his vision of the Sacred Sound Chambers For World Peace. 1989.

TE5 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael: Winter Journeys. Traditional creation and journeying stories of the Ute and Picuris peoples. 3/11/89.

TE6 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael:

The Secrets of the Stones, in the World Peace Chamber. 3/12/89.

TE7 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael: at the World Peace Chamber. - 7/1/90.

TE8 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael: The Shaman's Journey. An intensive exploration into the roots of the visionary experience and to empower our own gifts and songs. Ancient thought, philosophy wisdom of the Tewa and Ute lineages. 8/30 - 9/1/90.

TE9 - Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael - The House of Shattering Light. 10/8/94.

TE10 - Wittenberg Center World Peace Chamber: A series of ten tapes documenting the building and construction of every phase of project. 1988. Call for information.


TE11 - Grandmother Kitty: The Way of a Lakota Woman Lakota healing knowledge from a woman who was both a traditional practitioner and CAC counselor.

TE12 - Jake, Judy Swamp and Jerry Mc Donald: Teachings of the Mohawk. The Chief of the Wolf Clan and Director of the Tree of Peace Society shares his nation's history and cultural values, including teachings on the Great Law of Peace. Clanmother Judy Swamp shares about women's roles and perspectives in this unique society, and Jerry McDonald bring Iroquoian culture to life through his songs and stories. 6-10/90.

TE13 - Charles Thom: Earth Medicine Teachings by the widely respected Karuk elder and medicine man from Mt Shasta, who has been working to bring about planetary healing and an awareness of his people's struggles to preserve their traditional lands. 8/89 & 7/90.

TE14 - Guboo, Ted Thomas, Aboriginal Wisdom - Keeper. Chief Aboriginal elder wisdom keeper of the Yuin Nation, Australia. Teachings and songs about the Dreamtime..the heart of Aboriginal spirituality. Wittenberg Center 8/89.

TE15 - Cross Cultural Music Evening with Guboo, Thundercloud and Billy Sparks. Fundraising event 8/89.

TE16 - Lorrainne Mafi Williams (Australian Elder) and Beautiful Painted Arrow : Origin Stories From Two Continents. Two visionaries share their ancient knowledge of their peoples prophecies as they relate to this time of global change. 1988.

TE17 - Honoring the Orishas - West African Deities: A Universal Force - A rare opportunity to journey to the land of the Orisha through drumming, chanting and ceremony. The Yoruba spiritual teachings connect us to an ancient shamanic tradition whose roots go back to the African West Coast Region. "This sharing is my effort to respond to a call that speaks to a united vision of all traditional teachings - the sacred hoop. The Orishas reveal that we must take an active role in this vision...the vision of unity and inner peace we must find within ourselves for the purpose of spreading it out to Mother Earth", Marilyn Omifunke Torres. 1990.

TE18 - Garfield Grassrope , Traditional Chief and member of the Teton Sioux Treaty Council on Native Rights and Broken Treaties. Lakota and English. 8/91.

TE19 - Tony Black Feather with members of the Teton Sioux Treaty Council: The Tears of Broken Promises Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. 7/91.

TE20 - Lakota Treaty Elders, Garfield Grassrope and Tony Blackfeather on the struggle for land rights and dignity. 1991

TE21 - Thomas Banyacya: Prophecies of the Hopi Relating to the United Nations. The urgency of the Hopi prophecies and why they need to be heard. Ottawa Conference. 10/91.

TE22 - Thomas Banyacya: Attempts to address the United Nations - 11/91.

TE23 - United Nations General Assembly: Year of Indigenous Peoples Conference. Including Thomas Banyacya, Arvol Lookinghorse, Oren Lyons, Bill Means, David Yanomani, Poka Lanui and others. 12/10 - 11/92.multi-tape set

TE24 - People's Forum, Indigenous Leaders at United Nations Prep Com. NYC 1992.

TE25 - Meeting of Indigenous Forum for the Year of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations, with sir Paul Reeves and Oren Lyons. 1992

TE26 - Grandmother Kitty: The Way of a Lakota Woman Lakota healing knowledge from a woman who was both a traditional practitioner and CAC counselor.

TE27 - Claudia Ironhawk, (Chairperson of the Wounded Knee Survivors Association) on living a traditional life in the wake of genocide. 1991.

TE28 - Sara James, Gw'ichen spokeswoman: Oil and Gas exploration in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Presented at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, NYC. 11/92.

TE29 - American Indian Community House - Native people's protest in front of the United Nations building, NYC. Protesting lack of indigenous representation at Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; also footage of North India (Chipco People) Press Conference addressing the murder of protestors who were opposed to a hydro- electric dam. 3/4/92.

TE30 - People's Forum - Indigenous Panel Earth Summit Prepcom Discussion at the Society for Ethical Culture: North American Group. 3/7/92.

TE31 - Spirit Eagle and Starman, The Beauty Way- Testimony of a Navajo man who was diagnosed as terminally ill, and was healed through the use of traditional medicines. He has dedicated the rest of his life to becoming a healer / teacher. This tape has a rare look at Starman, his teacher who has since passed to the Spirit World. Philadelphia, PA 4/3/92.

CRY OF THE EARTH CONFERENCE: The Legacy of the First Nations. The historic presentation of the First Nations Prophecies held at the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber and Church Center. This conference was coordinated by The Wittenberg Center, NY 11/22&23/93

DAY ONE - The Prophecies of Turtle Island (each is a separate tape)

CRY1). The North-The Algonquin and Mic Mac Nations (Canada).

CRY2). The South-The Huichol and Mayan Nations (Mexico).

CRY3). The East and West-Lakota & Iroquois Nations

CRY4). The Center-Hopi Nation

DAY TWO - The Wider Circle: Issues and Imperatives. (Two Tape Set: CRY 5&6)

Representatives of 25 indigenous nations from North and South America meet with policymakers to present the substantive issues that are affecting their societies and the planet today. Ask us about the discount on the purchase of all 6 tapes.

TE32 - Mending the Sacred Hoop: Wisdomkeepers of Turtle Island at the White House Treaty Room: An historic gathering of Native American wisdom keepers discussing political and spiritual concerns with policy makers. Presenters included: Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga Nation and Jewel James, Lummi Nation, speaking about the roots of the constitution; William Commanda, Algonquin Nation, presenting the Seven Fires Prophecies; Grace Smith, Dine', sharing the philosophy of 'One Heart, One Mind, One Voice, One Prayer and Arvol Lookinghorse discussing the significance, at this point in history, of the birth of the white buffalo calf. Washington, DC 1994.

TE33 - William Commanda: Teachings of the Seven Fires Prophecies in the World Peace Chamber, Wittenberg Center by the Algonquin Elder and Keeper of the Sacred Wampum Belts of the Anishinabe Nation. A rare opportunity to hear the teachings and reflections of this legendary wisdomkeeper who presented the prophecies of his Nation to the United Nations. 7/17/94. Two Tape Set.

TE34 - Vincent Stogan, Coast Salish Elder, Vancouver, British Columbia: An Interview with the legendary elder and medicine man who has helped to guide his people in bringing traditional values and ways into the contemporary world 5/15/94.

TE35 - Native American Thanksgiving Ceremony at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine, NYC with Oren Lyons, Rev James P Morton and many others. Ask for details 11/23/90, '91 or '92 available

TE36 - Native American Earth Day, Washington, DC

on the Ellipse. Cosponsors: USDA, National Forest Service, CIA, DC Resource Center,

Monamine Nation, Miami Nation. Key note speakers: Dr. Arvol Looking Horse, Dawn Hill, Oren Lyons, Thomas Banyacya and others. Music and dance by Thunderbird Dance Troupe, Joan Shenandoah Band and others. Satellite uplink of youth participation segment (copies of this video tape also available). 4/22/95.


Native Rights, Native Wisdom Conference

Documentation of Native Rights, Native Wisdom Conference held at the World Peace University, Eugene, Oregon from 3/26 - 29/92. Indigenous peoples from North America and Hawaii speak on the environment, spirituality and healing our earth and ourselves, from their indigenous perspective. The following are selected for general distribution. Tapes are available individually.

NRNW1 - Opening Ceremony - Thomas Banyacya (Hopi), Poka Lanui (Hawaiian), Sara James (G'wichin).

NRNW2 - Elsa Stamapoupolous-Robbins (United Nations Department of Human Rights). Food, Earth, People - Steve McFadden and Mary Thomas (Hidatsa elder), British Columbia. Spoke on disappearing self sustaining families and seed stock of Native American agricultural products.

NRNW3 - Slow Turtle and Carol Ann Heart, Michelle Minchu (Hawaiian) and Tapere Curtis. Land Rights, Human Rights Treaty Violations.

NRNW4 - Arvol Looking Horse, (19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle) : Sacred Hoop Workshop.

NRNW5 - Press Conference: by indigenous elders of Hopi, Navajo (Dine'), Lakota, G'wichen, Western Shoshone, Hawaiian and Aztec Nations on the status of human rights on Turtle Island now.

NRNW6 - Wallace Black Elk (Lakota) and Gail Shehawk (Morning Star Foundation and former member of the Congress of Native Americans.

NRNW7 - Luncheon Address: Melissa Akaka

(Hawaiian), Arvol Looking horse, Private Interview, Emory Jackson, Native American Church leader), private interview.

NRNW8 - Grace Smith, Poka Lanui, Steve Newcombe (Delaware, legal scholar on treaties) on origins of racial discrimination, i.e. The Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, Papal bulls.

Visions 2000 Conference

Produced by Sacred Life Association,

Jacqueline Snyder, Executive Producer

Held at Rainbow Lodge at the foot Mount Si, Washington 3/12-14/95. The conference brought together contemporary theologians, scientists, indigenous wisdom keepers and various lay peoples to facilitate a bridging of contemporary and indigenous thought, necessary to the actualization of a global change of consciousness towards peace and harmony between the earth and her people.

VIS1 - Opening of Conference with: Songs by Billy Sparks. Introductions of key note speakers, presenters and participants.

VIS2 - Harry Charger, Lakota - Head of the Fool's Soldier Society and wisdom keeper.

Reverend Betsy Stang, visionary and clairvoyant, founder of the Wittenberg Center For Alternative Resources. Father Patrick MacNamara, Catholic Church.

VIS3 -Thomas Banyacya, (Hopi spokesperson and prophecy keeper). Updates on the Hopi Prophecies.

VIS4 -Robert Dean, Ufologist. . Real life experiences of NATO's research on UFOs as it pertains to interactions with military operations, and a look at history of UFO contact.

VIS5 - Dolores Cannon, noted author of past life readings and commentary on Nosradamus' predictions.

VIS6 - James C. Davis: Honorary Elder, Yuin Nation, Australia Traditional caretaking of the earth, traditional laws of conservation. Cross cultural similarities of star knowledge.

VIS7 - Dr. Valerie Hunt: Leading edge physicist, sound, harmonics, alternative healing and progression of human consciousness.

VIS8 - Don Alejandro: South American Shaman (Huachupairi). Lecture on healing properties of native plants and sacred ritual. Sacred songs and fire ceremony.

VIS9 - Don Alejandro and the Lakota Singers

Sacred and requiem songs. Not for distribution

VIS10 - Pacha Mama: Sacred mother earth / giving of thanks ceremony and divination technique of the decedants from the high mountains of the Andes.

Note: Each section is a separate tape. May be obtained individually or as a set.


Bless The Eagle Prayer Vigil, (Second Annual Prayer Vigil) - Native American elders from across North America, children representing the Children's Torch of Hope, US government officials and the public join in prayers for global peace and healing for 30 continuous hours on the Mall, at the Nation's Capitol. Among the speakers were: Arvol Lookinghorse (Lakota), Keeper of the Scared Buffalo Calf Pipe; Grace Smith, elder Dine' (Navajo) and Indigenous Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council For Indigenous Peoples; Thomas Banyacya, (Hopi Elder) and interpreter of the Hopi Prophecies; Corbin Harney, elder (Western Shoshoni), William Commanda, (Algonquin traditional elder) and Keeper of the Wampum Belts; Harry Bird (Lakota elder) and Leon Shenandoah (Chief of Chiefs of the Six Nations Confederacy of the Iroquois). Highlights of this special weekend included a human prayer chain encircling the Congressional Building and The Tree of Peace tree planting. Washington, DC 10/9/94. multi-tape set

One Mind, One Voice, One Heart, One Prayer Vigil - Third Annual Prayer Vigil. Native North and South American elders, The World Peace Prayer Society, children representing the Children's Torch of Hope, US government officials and the public gathered to pray for global peace and healing through prayer and to share their visions for a harmonious and united world. On The Mall, Washington, DC 9/28-10/2/95. multi-tape set

E.P.A. and B.I.A. meetings: Honoring Mother Earth. Open forum for Native American leaders and effected parties to converse with various department heads of EPA, Interior Department and D.O.E. Washington, DC 9/28/95.

Environmental Issues

The James Bay Struggle

Documentation of the Cree Nation's historic and ultimately victorious struggle to halt a major Hydro Electric Dam Project slated to be built on James Bay, Canada. The videos highlight strategies used to defeat Hydro-Quebec, in an historic coalition building effort by the Cree Nation.

These videos have been distributed at cost or free of charge to indigenous groups and grass roots environmental organizations 18 tape set, Please write or call for detailed list. All tapes are unedited 2 hr format shot on high quality SVHS. This material is for educational use only and no rights can be conveyed without prior approval.

JBC1 - Odeyak Journey - Press Conference at NYC Earth Day Celebration. 4/90

JBC2- Cree/James Bay Talk Woodstock, NY Strategies for change. 11/15/90

JBC3 -James Bay Rally at Union Square Park and Rainforest Teach-in at NYU 4/91.

JBC4 - Cree/Hydro Quebec - James Bay Press Conference, 777 U.N. Plaza NYC Chief Matthew Cooncome, David Brower and Dr. Noel Brown. 3/19/91.

JBC5 - Grand Chief, Matthew Cooncome vs. Hydro Quebec. NY Bar Association, NYC 1992.

JBC6 - James Bay Hydro Quebec Debate at the New York Bar Association, NYC The historic debate between Hydro-Quebec and the James Bay Grand Council Cree Nation which many believe was a pivotal point in turning the tide against the mega-- project. 1/30/92.

The Northeast Alliance For James Bay Conference at Cornell University

Ithaca, NY October 4 - 6, 1991

(multi - tape set)

JBC7 - Press Conference and Rally

JBC8 - Opening Session - Steve Hazzell, Matthew Cooncome, Professor Turner, Winona LaDuke.

JBC9 - Interview with Matthew Cooncome.

JBC10 - Workshop on :Hydro Struggles Around the World. Workshop on the Legal Aspects of James Bay (pt 1).

JBC11 - Legal Aspects of James Bay (pt 2)

Interview with New York State Wildlife Pathologist, Ward Stone, on mercury contamination.


JBC12 - Interview with Brain Craik

Keynote address by David Brower.

JBC13 - Ian Goodman on the economics of James Bay. Interview with David Brower and Amory Lovins, Glen Cooper and Family on the Cree struggle for survival.

JBC14 - Workshop on the Dangers of

Electro - Magnetic Radiation. Workshop on the fight of Marcy South (A major transmission line from Quebec to NYC/New Jersey).

JBC15 - Amory Lovins Keynote Address and Presentation on Sustainable Energy as it relates to James Bay 2.



Exploring New Perspectives


Betsy Stang in the World Peace Chamber - perspectives on the meaning of prophecy. 7/90.

OhShinnah - Ancient Uses of Crystal OhShinnah, a Native American Mohawk/Apache teacher, ceremonialist and visionary describes the uses of crystal in ancient and present times. 1986.

OhShinnah - Crystal Pathways: The Star way of Dreaming and Visions. 1986.

OhShinnah - Children of The Starway: An Evolutionary Process. OhShinnah helps us to discover our vision, how to stretch beyond the borders of imagination and embrace the essence of "future thinking". (Three tape set) 1990.

David Yarrow - Rediscovering Sacred Space. The Author of The Dragon and The Ice Castle. He describes the plight of Lake Onondaga and why pollution can be so devastating as a result of the location of the earth's grid lines. 9/15/90.

Symposium on Regional Activism and Conflict Resolution: Empowering Ourselves to Make A Difference in A World of Conflict at The Wittenberg Center For Alternative Resources. 4/90

UFOS: The Reality and the Meaning - with Robert and Cecilia Dean ( 4 tape set)

Topics will include an overview of UFO involvement in world history and a look at modern military involvement, especially the 1964 NATO/SHAPE studies, and the opportunity for Americans to reclaim their constitutional rights and learn more about extra-terrestrial contact, by Robert Dean, Command Sergeant Major, US Army Retired, internationally recognized investigator and researcher for over 40 years.



Bioregional & National

Series Produced by James Davis

JD1 - Sara James, (G'wichin spokesperson and member of The International Treaty Council) on preserving the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. 1991.

JD2 - Public Hearing with FAA re: Air Traffic Noise and Flight Patterns over NYC watershed and highly populated areas. 1989.

JD3 - Ward Stone and the Mohawks - A meeting of all governing bands of Mohawks in the United States and Canada in environmental issues. 5/30/90.

JD5 - Hudson Valley Raptor Center Benefit. Key note speakers: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Assemblyman, Maurice Hinchey; State Wildlife Pathologist, Ward Stone and bird handling demonstrators featuring, falcons, hawks and a young condor. 9/29/90.

JD6 - Catskill/Delaware Natural Water Alliance Meeting, Phoenicia, NY. Forming a coalition to lobby against NYC's D.E.P. proposal to add dangerous chemicals to the water supply in upstate NY.

JD7 - FAA Public Hearing: Statements from municipal government leaders and other affected parties concerning noise and other environmental impacts of increased air traffic. and the question of air traffic safety over the NYC watershed area. Newburg, NY 12/5/91.

JD8 - Environmental Ethics, Equity and Sustainable Development, Dr. Noel Brown. UNCED Preparatory Conference, NY 3/3/92.

JD10 - Ulster County E.M.C. meeting re: NYC watershed. New regulations and their effect on upstate land use 11/93.

JD9 - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Hearings at the United Nations NYC 91. (Excerpts were purchased from Wittenberg Productions and used in the film Blown By The Wind by Paul Brown and was aired on PBS nationally. Testimony of indigenous peoples affected by atomic testing and uranium mining. multi-tape set 1/91.

JD11 - E.P.A. Conference on Water Quality:

Addresses problems experienced by small, rural communities in meeting E.P.A. water quality standards. Representatives of Native American Indian communities, mayors and members of town councils of small, rural towns voice their concerns. Syracuse, NY 9/14/93.

JD12 - N.O.F.A. Conference - Lecture topics include: Lacto-fermenting vegetables, introduction to certification, soil testing and balancing, grape production, farm business planning, community financing for small farm projects and Bob Schumaker from S.H.A.R.E. presents alternative financing strategies. Dreyden, NY multi-tape set 3/14&15/92.

JD14 - Conference on Sustainable Agriculture: UNCED Preparatory Committee. 3/12/92.Worldwide leaders in the field present their perspectives.

For more information please email or call The Wittenberg Center at (845) 679-9764. Send checks or money orders to The Wittenberg Center, 17 Jonet Lane, Bearsville, NY 12409.

All profits go towards furthering the aims of The Earth Reunion Project. and The Wittenberg Center.  Only personal viewing rights are conveyd except by express  written permission. For more information please contact