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Interfaith Seminary Program

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Interfaith Seminary Program

Presiding Minister: Reverend Betsy Stang

Senior Ministers: Reverend James C Davis

                                 Reverend Ilfra Halley

The Seminary is conducted under the auspices of The Center For The Living Earth, an interfaith congregation registered in the State of New York, County of Ulster. The training program is operated in conjunction with the educational facilities of The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources, in Bearsville NY.

The Center for the Living Earth seeks to fulfill the need to train interfaith ministers who are called to make a difference on the planet at this critical time. We seek to train those who are committed to teaching, healing and working with community on local, national or international levels. Committed to the integrity of each individual's own spiritual pathway, the Center for the Living Earth respects all paths leading to a deeper connectedness with spirit and with all life.

The Seminary program provides a curriculum that integrates a strong foundation in comparative religion including earth based spirituality and multicultural perspectives towards counseling, healing, rites of passage and community ministry. The Core Program also emphasizes earth based spirituality, intuitive training, community service and multi-leveled mastery for the twenty-first century. We are interested in training people who want to make a difference on the planet.

The programs of the Seminary are constructed along the lines of university without walls Master's level programs. Upon successful completion, graduates are ordained as Interfaith Ministers of Spiritual Counseling. Programs are individually tailored with consideration of each of the candidate's specific areas of focus and educational background.

Program Structure. Students will have 2 years to complete the program. Leaves of absence are granted by written submission.

Comparative Religion. Readings include: The Bible, The Bhagvad Gita, The Tao Te Ching, The Koran, as well as material from Joseph Campbell`s The Masks of God, Jung`s Man and his Symbols, Starhawk`s Truth or Dare, Matthew Fox`s Original Blessing, and Brian Swimme`s The Universe Is A Green Dragon.

Thesis and Conclave. A final Conclave will be held in the summer at The Wittenberg Center. All students are required to defend their thesis at the conclave in order to graduate. A 15-20 page thesis must be submitted before the conclave.

Workshop and Ceremony. Each participant will be expected to prepare a 3 hour workshop in the area of their expertise, and present it. Each participant shall have taken part in preparing and presenting a service or a ceremony through The Center For The Living Earth.

Community Outreach. All seminary students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours per month in community service or volunteer work, either at The Wittenberg Center, or through another bonafide community outreach program.

Ordination. Upon Successful completion of the program, graduates will be ordained as Interfaith Ministers of Spiritual Counseling through The Center For The Living Earth.

Applications. Applicants should submit a biography or resume and a 2-3 page letter explaining why they wish to enter the program. Please mail along with a non- refundable processing fee of $ 75.00.

Program cost. The cost for the complete program is $2100. Payment plans are available.

Please send applications to:

Reverend Betsy Stang

Center for the Living Earth

17 Jonet Lane

Bearsville, NY 12409


For more information email