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Turtle Island Youth Network

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Turtle Island Youth Network

In the struggle to preserve the natural environment, maintain indigenous sovereign lands and halt global climate change, indigenous people and environmentalists share a deep commonality in their connectedness to Mother Earth. This commonality, though recognized, has not as of yet been explored to its full potential. Indigenous people have living knowledge of biodiversity and the wisdom of the sacredness of the Earth that environmentalists can learn and heal from. Environmentalists have knowledge about organizing campaigns, policy platforms, legal areas and technological tools that indigenous people can learn from in order to maintain their sovereignty and the dignity of their lands. This potential for partnership and collaboration between these two expansive movements in a time of planetary crisis is crucial to ensure that dramatic changes are made.

Young people are the vital link to begin connecting these movements in a harmonious, inclusive, heartfelt and strategic way.

We will begin this journey by bringing together the young people from indigenous communities and the environmental movements of Turtle Island with the intention of connecting to one another in an authentic way. We will begin with the most simple of acts, by sitting in a circle together to listen to and share stories about who we are and why we are involved in the work we are engaged in. Each circle will be opened and closed in ceremony under the advisement and guidance of indigenous elders from represented communities. This circle will be the foundation from which we can restore the awareness of our sacred relationship to one another and to our Mother Earth and from which the visions, ideas, imagination and explorations of how we can collaborate and support one another can begin.

This project will bring together one group of indigenous young people and one group of young environmental activists at a time and from this network provide the support system for many beautiful collective creations.
We hope that from this network in Turtle Island, many other young people around the world will be inspired to sit together as an act to inspire the love and vision that is required to transform our current planetary crisis and paradigm.
We will be partnering with different organizations that have the skill sets and experience to manifest this vision in a good way.

For a full project proposal, please contact Julia Walsh (


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The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources is a publicly supported, non-profit organization which brings environmental, spiritual and indigenous leaders together with policy makers for the purpose of creating a sustainable future for generations to come.