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Call for A Time of Purification

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A Call for a Time of Prayer and Purification

For a Culture of Peace

April 28 2007 at 12 noon


The March 2007 news reports of Mayan Priests purifying the site where an American President just visited was both disheartening in its need and inspiring  in its hope.  How many places in our wounded world are in need of purification from hatred, violence, hunger, destruction of the environment? As the Indigenous ceremony in Iximche, Guatemala reminds us that deep purpose and values are never far away; they can be restored.  However, we must act to restore them.

How do we move from war to peace without waging war on war? How do we identify and cleanse ignorance without damaging the innocent or empowering the dangerous?  In times of great peril, it is up to each of us to create new forms to invoke our highest purpose.

Please join us at Noon on Saturday, April 28, 2007 in a global prayer and purification ceremony. We invite people of spirit to use their own faith’s prayer and purification rituals to call forth the blessings of peace, brotherhood/sisterhood, and sustainable living upon this planet and to dissolve thoughts of aggression, fear, and greed.

This call for action honors the traditions of the true roots of America — those of the Indigenous people of this continent and those of the drafters of the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  It also supports the efforts of the member countries of the United Nations, including the United States, to create a Culture of Peace.

This call starts with us, because as Americans we need to embody the collective wisdom of:  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 


As our prayer rolls through different time zones around the world, we connect diverse faiths, diverse culture, and diverse ideas. Diverse oneness is the foundation of power. 

Whenever it is noon where you are, please join in.

It is time to call ourselves true people of peace, to envisage the possibilities of a Culture of Peace.  Can we use the knowledge of the Secret power of Intention to call forth the Spirit of a truly international culture of peace where diversity is celebrated?

This email is like a letter in a bottle. If you are called to link and enlarge the Circle, please do so in your traditions, in your homes, with your family and friends, and in your sacred spaces.

A pall of fear has shadowed too many for too long. Let us call forth a new Spring and thank the Earth and all our relations.

We are the prayer we have waited for. If not us, who? If not now, when?

May Peace Prevail on Earth.  May Peace Begin with me.


"How much better is it for neighbors to help than to hurt one another; how

much happier must it make them. If [nations] will cease to make war on one

another,  if [they] will live in friendship with all mankind, [they] can employ

all  [their] time in providing food and clothing for [themselves] and [their

people].  [Their] men will not be destroyed in war, [their] women and children

will lie  down to sleep in their [homes] without fear of being surprised by

their enemies  and killed or carried away. [Their] numbers will be increased

instead of  diminished and [they] will live in plenty and in quiet." 

--Thomas Jefferson: Address to Mandar Nation, 1806.


There never was a good war or a bad peace   Benjamin Franklin


"Hearken, that peace may continue unto future days!

Always listen to the words of the Great Creator, for he has spoken.

"United people, let not evil find lodging in your minds.

"For the Great Creator has spoken and the cause of Peace shall not become old.

"The cause of peace shall not die if you remember the Great  Creator."

The Haudenshonee Constitution


"A sincere prayer is more powerful than an atomic bomb."  Harry F. Byrd, Lakota Nation, South Dakota


"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven." 

Matthew 5:43-44 


It is of crucial importance at this time that all the children of Mother Earth learn to come together with one heart, one mind, one love and one determination,  and create the fitting legacy for all our children and our children’s children.”    

"It was prophesized that the time would come when the voice of indigenous peoples would rise again after five hundred years of silence and oppression, to light a path to an eternal fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood amongst all nations."



Grandfather William Commanda, Keeper of the Wampum Belts, A Circle of All Nations: A Culture of Peace



From the United Religions Initiative Charter 

 We believe that our religious, spiritual lives, rather than dividing us, guide us to build communities and respect for one another.

 Therefore, as interdependent people rooted in our traditions, we now unite for the benefit of our Earth community.   

We unite to build cultures of peace and justice.  

We unite to heal and protect the Earth.  

We unite to build safe places for conflict resolution, healing and reconciliation.

 We unite to support freedom of religion and spiritual expression, and the rights of all individuals and people  as set forth in international law.

 We unite in responsible cooperative action to bring the wisdom and values of our religions, spiritual expression  and indigenous traditions to bear on the economic, environmental, political and  social challenges facing our Earth community.  

We unite to provide a global opportunity for participation by all people, especially by those whose  voices are not often heard.

We unite to celebrate the joy of blessings and the light of wisdom in both movement and stillness.

 We unite to use our combined resources only for nonviolent, compassionate action, to awaken to our deepest truths, and to manifest love and justice among all life in our Earth community. 


The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.


Aware that the task of the United Nations to save future generations
from the scourge of war requires transformation towards a culture of
peace, which consists of values, attitudes and behaviours that reflect
and inspire social interaction and sharing based on the principles of
freedom, justice and democracy, all human rights, tolerance and
solidarity, that reject violence and endeavour to prevent conflicts by
tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and
negotiation and that guarantee the full exercise of all rights and the
means to participate fully in the development process of their society,


United Nations General Assembly A/RES/52/13          15 January 1998



Signatories(Partial List)


Grandfather William Commanda, Keeper of the Wampum Belts, Annishinabe Nation


Sharon  Franquemont,

The Circle  


Reverend Betsy Stang,

Executive Director, The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources  


David Berry


Reverend Canon Charles Gibbs,

Executive Director, United Religions Initiative


Grace Smith Yellow Hammer, Dineh spokeswoman


Harriett Crosby, Friends of the Earth



Diana Whitney, Corporation for Positive Change



Mitch Walking Elk, Cheyenne & Arapaho Nations


Romola Trebilcock, Canada,  A Circle of All Nations: A Culture of Peace


Deborah Moldow, URI-UN


Reverend James C Davis, Director

The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources 


Mary Sarah Agliotta,
DPI-NGO The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources
Regional Coordinator, Gather the Women-NY/NJ


Bernice Cousins

GTW-NY/ NJ ;  Actualism NY Star Center

DPI-NGO The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources


Beverley Britton

Lifeline Network for Peace


Margi Ness

URI North America Co-Coordinator


Rev. Kay Lindahl, The Listening Center


Annie B. Bond
Executive Producer of Green Living Content, - A Network of over 6.8 million Progressive Members, Author of
Better Basics for the Home


Alta Reynolds, South Africa

Redwood Mary, Circle the Earth- Grassroots Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

Yoland Trevino, URI Global Council Chair, indigenous Mayan


Monica Willard,  United Religions Initiative
United Nations NGO Representative


Christine Whitney Sanchez, CWS - Collaborative Wisdom & Strategy


Judi Woods, GTW Making It On Purpose, a pilot project for the Nation


Deb Ballam, Columbus, Ohio


Teresa Descilo, Miami, FL


Marsha Pilgeram, Utah URI


Lorrie K Eaton, DC,


Virginia Sanchez, Mexico


Margaret Jones, Member, New Vision United Methodist Church Social Action  &
Interfaith Committee
and Co-contact, URI SF Peninsula CC


Nancy Rivard, Airline Ambassadors

Rabbi David Shneyer, AmKolel


Joan Kenley, Radio Talk Show Host, Conversations That Matter


Bill Sanda, Photographer


Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi), Annette Waya Ewing, Tsalagi, Healing The Earth/Ourselves (


For all our relations may peace prevail.