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The London Bombings

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Friday, July 8, 2005

Interfaith voices on the tragedy in London
A state of One must persist even in the face of great tragedy and evil. These voices help us move, ever so slowly, to a Culture of Peace. In a remote area of Afghanistan a huge sleeping Buddha of compassion sleeps under the earth. I pray that together we can awaken compassion from her sleep and move it into our hearts and across the world.
May Peace prevail.
Betsy Stang

Dear Friends,

 Greetings of love and peace. 

I was driving into work today when I first learned of the tragic bombings in London. My thoughts were transformed into prayers for the dead and wounded, for their families and friends, and for the British people, who must be in a state of shock.  

Off and on during the day I have found myself staring at the world map above my desk and seeing explosions where London is.

 But not only there. I have been seeing explosions destroying Iraqis, Israelis and Palestinians; explosions erupting in Jammu Kashmir and the Sudan. Explosions here and there all over the Earth. My thoughts are transformed into prayers for the dead and wounded, for their families and friends, and for all the people of the Earth, who must be in a state of shock.

 I thank God for the URI community and its work, which lead me from the shock of despair into an active hope.

 Even as we comfort the grieving, we must renew our commitment to build a world of peace, justice and healing where people are not driven to terrorism, where people are not the victims of terrorism.

 May we, in the words of URI’s Charter, “unite to use our combined resources only for nonviolent, compassionate action, to awaken to our deepest truths, and to manifest love and justice among all life in our Earth community.”

 Love, Charles



Dear Friends:

United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance along with numerous mosques and Islamic institutions have condemned the "Terrorist" acts in London, U.K.

We, American Muslims support our Government, the British Government and any Government in all its efforts to wipe out terrorism from the global scene. 

We pray for the lost lives and hope for quick recovery of people injured due to the terrorist actions.

Iftekhar Hai, URI supporter and Trustee at Large


Dear Friends:

I arrived in London a few hours after the bombings yesterday and was 
impressed on how strong the British people seemed in their resolve to 
move forward as quickly as possible.

I was also impressed that unlike the U.S. media the British media 
seemed deliberate in saying pointing out that there are many peace 
loving people that are Muslim and that these acts were in fact not 
authentic Islam.

It seems to me that the more acts of violence done in the name of any 
religion are condemned as not being
authentic religion the less appeal terrorist groups will have to 
religious fundamentalists.

As the prayer below from the NCC USA says, there are many ways we 
need to work toward peace.

Be Well

Dave Randle

"The National Council of Churches joins in prayer for those who were 
injured and offers its sympathy to those who lost loved ones in the 
mass transit bombings in London today.  Such violence never serves to 
advance a cause or a viewpoint, but merely strengthens the resolve of 
those who are attacked.  Even as we heighten our vigilance and seek 
to bring the perpetrators to justice, we must also continue to pursue 
peace in a thousand ways .  May God grant us PEACE!


We share the British and the world's sorrow for the
senseless killing of and injuries to innocent people
as a result of the bomb blasts in central London.

Acts of violence to resolve conflict anywhere in the
world, at any period in history, achieves naught, as
violence only begets further violence.

Terrorism perpetuated by individuals, organisations or
, worse still, state sponsored,  only escalates  a
vicious cycle of  enmity and hatred.

If indeed today's bombings were carried out by
Al-Qaeda , as alleged by the British authorities, or a
related organisation in the name of Islam, we condemn
this brutal and inhumane action in no uncertain terms.

Nowhere in this religion of peace, mercy, compassion
and complete submission to the Almighty is the killing
and maiming of innocents ever permitted.

We believe this is a position shared by all religions,
and spiritual/indigenous traditions.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families
of the bereaved and pray for the quick and full
recovery of those injured.

We pray to the Almighty to give us fortitude in this
most trying of times and may He grant us the elusive
peace that the world so covets.

Whatever it takes, we will work together with our URI
family and all the peacelovers to overcome the
destructive elements that threaten our lives.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Dr Amir Farid Isahak
INSAF/URI Kuala Lumpur CC

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May we be the peace we wish to see