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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Blessed be the peacemakers
This says it from the mothers.
Betsy Stang

I wanted to share this with you, from my dear lightworker friend Hagit  and PAN member in Israel. She expresses so deeply what many of us feel. She looks after the children everywhere. (Hagit also wrote a chapter for my book, Spiritual Awakenings, glimpses into the higher realms.)
love and light, Maggie 



There is so much to say that media is not expressing. I know it is very challenging not to take side in this crazy aggression, not to judge who is right who is wrong! Will you join me while practicing it? And if only because we get what we reflect!

Massive destruction in Lebanon cannot diminish the pain of the destruction in Israel, children getting killed in both sides – is forbidden to be the answer! It is not the solution! Wars are not the way out as history taught us already - no one ever won a war, not even when it is justified, if any violence can ever be justified… When will they ever learn?

And again sirens tear the air, frightening loud noises of aircrafts carrying bombs, horrifying bombing blasts and weaseling rockets falling all over almost with no distinguish, spreading bereavement and devastation, seeding fear and anger, increasing revenge and ignorance… When will they ever learn?

People cry for help; Lebanese, Palestinians and Israelis mourning, wounded, refugees, left with nothing… Children – same children I believed will not have to suffer again trauma of war, this generation I was praying for them to be saved of older generations’ experience of useless hostility. When will they ever learn?


Nevertheless in such times, when emotion intimidate to fog any clarity, especially in such times I spend more and more time with the children are sitting nonstop for the forth week in smothery shelters. I never know if I help them or they help me, must be both! That is my share; that is my self-healing. So little in such huge ocean of pain! If I could only go also visit the children in Gaza Strip and those in Lebanon… children are children are children! Any drop of hope can be offered – might change and if only little bit. That is what I have to offer – hope and trust in the goodness (GODness) within humanity.

Meanwhile I can spend time only with Israeli children in the north part of Israel, Jews, Muslims, Druze, Christians… “Almighty” is not discriminating, all share this insanity scenario. They are the light! I wish you could join me during the time when I tell the kids the story about Sadako Sasaki, the Japanese girl was born in Hiroshima during 2nd WW. The poisoning effect of the atomic deadly bomb thrown on her home-town, appeared only twelve years later when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Shortly before subdued by the terminal (that time) illness, she committed herself to fold 1000 paper cranes, which according to an ancient Japanese tradition – doing so one can make a wish and it will come true. When I share this story with the children of over than 60 years later, I tell them that Sadako wish was referring also for them as she asked very clearly for ALL the children of the world, ALL OF THEM, never to be part of the adults’ conflicts, always to be left out! Than when I tell them that she was too sick to complete but they can help bring her wish come real by folding 1000 paper cranes, you should see the sparkle in the eyes – yes! Enthusiastically instantly they cry: We are committed to fold 1000 paper cranes! We are ready to make it happens! For ALL the children of the world!”. Those little fingers folding small colored papers to the shape of Crane, than closing eyes, praying silently together for Pace on earth, blowing the spirit of the prayer into the paper bird, wishing it to spread the message all over mother earth, for all her children! Also when the youngsters are not yet capable to deal with the folding but not giving up on becoming part of the action, they paint colorfully, what they call ‘peace drawings’. Or the older one writing Praying Mandalas! What a sight!

And before closing, (I know, again it is too long… please forgive me and I thank you for your infinite patient…) in the midst of all events I discover new friends include a group of people in little town called Rosh Pina are wiling to have the International Day in Peace ceremony on September 21st include planting Peace Pole as well as having the World Peace Ceremony with all the nations’ flags! Couldn’t ask for more! Oh no! I could ask for so much more… how about simply envision peace on earth!

I am so privileged to be here accomplishing this mission, knowing I am protected by the unconditional love of God and by your prayers! In humble modesty I thank you!

In Oneness and infinite loving gratitude - Hagit



Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace;

Where there is Hatred, let me bring Love; Where there is Injury - Pardon;

Where there is Doubt - Faith; Where there is Despair - Hope;

Where there is Darkness - Light;

And where there is Sadness - Joy.

Ms.  Hagit Ra’anan

 POB 39, Kiryat Ono, Israel 55100

Tel/Fax 972-3-5353496; Mobile 972-52-2533240

4:16 pm edt

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thoughts on war in mid -east
Most human beings want a peaceful life. Why then are we at the effect of a relative handful of madmen on every side who want to kill in the name of God?
This is the time for each of us to be the peacemakers we said we are be joining URI to end violence in the name of religion.
Please know that every action we each take towards peace is meaningful and we have no choice.
We will meet in that field beyond right and wrong as sisters and brothers who say to all the warmongers NOT IN MY NAME!
I am so grateful to have a family of all religions and many countries who stretch my sight and heart. I am so thankful for each of you for showing me there is no they it is always us. Together we will make a difference because we must.
Thank you, each one of you for your dedication and your heart. We may be small candles but perhaps together we will light the darkness.
11:36 pm edt

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The meaning of Namaste
 I love the word Namaste'..humbled that 3 vowels and 4 consonants can contain such deep and expansive all-inclusive Truth and beauty.
Namaste' embraces the absolute Essence of from whence we came and why we are ALL here on the BE Unconditional Love.
How simple and uncomplicated...we just have to DO it. It's the only
question that will matter. the only question we will be asked when
we transition, melding completely and forever into Universal Love.
Beverly Britton
7:58 pm edt

Thursday, June 9, 2005

A request from Grandfather Commanda

Dear Friends,


I am passing along an invitation to the June 21 Pipe Ceremony from Grandfather WIlliam Commanda and I am requesting your immediate assistance in contacting the Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin to express your support of Grandfather's vision for the Indigenous Center at Victoria Island. We are hoping as many as possible will email Prime Minister Martin before June 21, 2005. His email is Snail mail info is :


Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900


Please also copy your correspondence to


Thank you so much for your help in this matter.




Betsy Stang







On June 21, 2005 at 10.00 a.m., I shall be hosting the fifth annual Gathering of Nations Pipe Ceremony at Victoria Island to continue my prayer and work for all people.  June 21 was identified as Indian Day in 1945 by native activist Jules Sioui; a few years ago, the former Governor General formally recognized the date, and today, many join in this celebration of National Aboriginal Day.


For the past forty years, I have followed the direction of my ancestors who welcomed yours to this land, and I have worked hard to create a Circle of All Nations, a Culture of Peace, to advance respect for Mother Earth and to advance racial harmony. I see today that Canada is engaged in one of the most interesting and difficult challenges of modern times – reconciling a huge array of diverse interests, peoples and cultures.


My peoples have been crushed for a long time and sometimes it seems like we beg for crumbs and acknowledgement at a table where the world seeks its place.  We see churches, cathedrals, synagogues, temples and mosques reflecting the great diversity of cultures here, but there is still no place where indigenous peoples can gather together in the spirit of unity that used to mark our heritage.


Over recent years, I have shared the sacred Three Figure Welcoming/Agreement Wampum Belt which signified the commitment of my ancestors in 1700 to share their country, grand natural resources and values with yours, with the land being held in trust for Creator and the unborn children.  This was before my country was divided.  Since then, our resources have been exploited, depleted and contaminated.  The balance of life has been disrupted, and the centre can no longer hold things together.  We have seen this in unprecedented fires last year and in floods this year.


I also said that Turtle Island would not find true peace until the relationship with the first peoples of this land was healed, and we occupied our rightful position in the heart of this country.  Sadly, we have endured years of great hardship, division and rancour. I have not been happy to see this strife and turmoil. 


But my ancestors used to say the most nutritious walnuts emerge after the coldest winter.


In my mind, it is the indigenous peoples who hold the seeds for a vision of inclusion and collective sharing, respect and responsibility, and in our very existence we serve as the glue to bond a fragile federation together.  We must work together collectively for a strengthened nation.


With the commencement of the United Nations Decade for a Culture of Peace, I began to pursue the work of developing a vision for a fully inclusive indigenous peace-building cultural centre on Victoria Island actively (see Healing Page –


The concrete manifestation of this commitment needs to be visible to all people. At the same time, it must contribute to strengthening Aboriginal Peoples individually and collectively. This commitment can be made evident and visible in the endorsement of the vision for Victoria Island.


This would constitute the tangible, public expression of the commitment to the First Peoples.  I continue to pray for the materialization of this work during my lifetime.


I invite you all to join us on June 21.  I am sure you will be heartened when you see the multicultural face of Canada join Aboriginal Peoples in celebration on the ancient spiritual meeting grounds of my ancestors, and you will see that when we learn to come together with one heart, one mind, one love and one determination, the seeds of peace-building can and indeed shall blossom and embrace all.





William Commanda



Betsy Stang
12:56 pm edt

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I speak to you
I speak to you.
Be still
I am

I spoke to you
when you were born.
I spoke to you
At your first sight.
I spoke to you
At your first word.
I spoke to you
At your first thought.
I spoke to you
At your first love.
I spoke to you
At your first song.
I speak to you
Through the grass of the meadows.
I speak to you
Through the trees of the forests.
I speak to you
Through the valleys and the hills.
I speak to you
Through the Holy Mountains.
I speak to you
Through the rain the snow.
I speak to you
Through the waves of the sea.
I speak to you
Through the dew of morning.
I speak to you
Through the peace of evening.
I speak to you
Through the splendor of the sun.
I speak to you
Through the brilliant stars.
I speak to you
Through the storm and the clouds.
I speak to you
Through the mysterious rainbow.
I will speak to you
When you are alone.
I will speak to you
Through the wisdom of the Ancients.
I will speak to you
At the end of time.
I will speak to you
When you have seen my Angels.
I will speak to you
Throughout Eternity.

I speak to you.
Be still
I am

~from the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book Two:
                    The Unknown Books of the Essenes
From SpiritWarriorSky
11:27 am edt

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